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Review the most up-to-date Malaysia home loan packages from 8 major banks and pick the best home loan for you.


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The SmartWizard helps you filter, calculate and compare the Malaysia housing loan packages that apply to you instantly.


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The SmartWizard guides and explains loan jargon along the way. It's so easy,even a first timer can use it!

Malaysia Home Loans

Home Loan is for people buying new property in Malaysia including uncompleted property (Buildings under construction).

Malaysia Home Loan Refinancing

Refinancing is for people who have an existing loan with a bank for a property they already own, but would like to refinance with another banks to enjoy lower interest rates.

SmartLoans is a free to use Home Loan comparison platform that allows you to easily search, compare and enquire about latest and best home loan and mortgage packages available in Malaysia.

SmartLoans utilizes advanced web technology to intelligently filter, calculate and tabulate results into a single page for easy home loan comparison. You can also find out more directly from the respective banks, so you get no misinformation from brokers or agents. Most of all it helps you save money by helping you choose the best housing loan for you.

Spend 2-3 minutes on the SmartWizard for New Home Loans or Refinancing answering a few simple questions. The Wizard will create your customized mortgage profile and generate housing loan package results that are applicable to you.

Monthly payments and interest amounts are automatically calculated and sorted on a comparison chart and table for your review. You can then indicate which packages you wish to find out more about and a respective bank representative will contact you within the day with more info. Because the bankers get your profile information, they're able to provide you the information you need faster as compared to visiting or calling each bank separately.