Which banks give the best housing loan in Malaysia?


First and foremost, it is important to know that banks adjust rates every now and then, thus they would usually update their packages every one or two months. You can always visit SmartLoans to check out the latest rates in town before intending to purchase a property.


There are also different schemes that would cater to different needs of consumers/loaners. For example, if you are looking at refinancing your current loan, you might want to consider a package that gives away cash rebate to help pay off the prepayment penalties, especially when you are crossing over to another bank while still locked in to one.


Packages can also be specially catered to new home loans only or refinancing only. So in order to get the best deal for your needs, you should use the Smartloans wizard tool that would guide you through to the most attractive and suitable package for you.


Banks that provide packages with the lowest interest rates do not necessarily mean you would be saving up a lot in mortgage. Bear in mind that there are fixed rate packages and variable rate packages. With fixed rate packages, the interest rates would stay the same for a period of a few years [usually the lock-in period] and then followed by floating rates. You should also consider variable rate packages that have BLR (Base Lending Rate), OCBC's MLR (Mortgage Lending Rate) or Eon Bank's FDR (Fixed Deposit Rate).